First Visit

Tips on Preparing Your Child for His/Her First Dental Visit

Every child has their own level of maturity and understanding. What you should expect on your first visit to our office with your child will be a very positive and rewarding experience as a parent. One of the most important strong points that we can offer some advice on is to never talk to your child in a negative way regarding their dental visit such as bribing your child with going to the dentist or using words such as “drill” or “shot”. This only transfers anxiety and fear into their little minds. Let your child know the importance of taking care of his or her teeth and that the dentist will be looking for “sugar bugs” that can cause tooth decay and that one of our hygienists will be cleaning and polishing their teeth, so they will sparkle and shine!

Children are very precious. Every parent hopes that their child will go through life without encountering the obstacles that they themselves have stumbled over. One such obstacle is that of dental decay.

An early start including regular dental check-ups is a very important step. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children begin routine dental visits right around the time the first tooth erupts. This way any developing problems may be detected, treated early, or avoided all together. Also, at this age a pediatric dentist can help you with suggestions about infant oral health care, how to decrease teething discomfort, prevention of dental decay, and a gamut of other child related topics.

As a new patient, please click here to open the printable form for new patient information. Feel free to print and fill out this form as it will help to save you some time on your first visit.