Dr. Bill Connor, DDS, MS

Pediatric Dental Specialist

Getting a child to enjoy their time in the dentist’s chair is no easy feat. Whether the kid fears the dental work, is freaked out by the sterile nature of the office or just plain doesn’t like doctors it is imperative that parents find the perfect children’s dentist to fit their family needs. In Gastonia, North Carolina Dr. Bill Connor is the most qualified pediatric dentist both for the fearful and the fearless child. It is hard to say where Dr. Bill Connor acquired his skills with children but it’s common knowledge where Dr. Connor was educated in dentistry. Family dentist Bill Connor was educated at UNC Chapel Hill, USC and Iowa University and in those years he acquired an MS as well as doctorate in dentistry.

After becoming a dentist, it was Dr. Connor’s love of children that brought him into the space of pediatric dentistry. It is a well known fact that early childhood dental visits are absolutely necessary for oral health and Dr. Bill Connor has a deep understanding of this value. This is why he has dedicated his career to illuminating the small smiles of all the Gastonia children. Dr. Connor, DDS is in touch with the pulse of pediatric dentistry and understands all of the nuances that go along with caring for a child’s teeth. Many issues are caused by letting a child fall asleep while drinking juice out of their bottles. The juice will slowly seep out and cause tooth decay in small children, this is just one of many small bits of knowledge that Dr. Bill Connor has to share with the parents of his young patients.

The small nuances of keeping a little one’s mouth healthy are not beyond Dr. Connor but the real magic is in his bedside manner. Many factors can lead to stress and anxiety in the dentist’s chair and this is only more illuminated in young children. The most effective way to overcome this very common fear is to find a pediatric dentist with a gentle touch and jovial spirit. Just one look at Dr. Bill Connor’s big, friendly smile will make the most anxiety prone children feel at ease; he is almost always the perfect children’s dentist for the job. Whether it’s a newborn that needs their very first checkup or a child that has had some bad experiences at other offices, Dr. Bill Connor knows the right way to proceed.

Dr. Shell, DDS

Orthodontic Specialist

Dr. Shell is a Board Certified Orthodontist who has practiced for thirty years in the Lenoir and Granite Falls area in Caldwell county. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery at the UNC School of Dentistry and his Orthodontics degree at St. Louis University.